Rump Steak


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  • Skillfully sliced by our experienced butchers
  • Handcrafted to perfection from a single round muscle
  • Flavoursome, juicy, and extravagant value in one prime steak

Product description:

Beef enriched flavour of rump, complemented by a narrow strip of succulence fat, masterfully crafted by our butchers from a single round muscle with no cartilage in vision.

Rump steak beef cut is ideal for cooking and making beef enriched dishes in which beef is braised, fried, or stewed in liquid to impart tenderness. This rump steak is an everyday kind of steak that primarily took from the lower back of the animal. For the best result, this should be served medium to medium-rare.

Know your meat.

The rump is a boneless five-muscled primal that sits between the sirloin and topside. Rump steak is located in the hindquarters, commonly known as the rump or round muscle, with a differing tenderness. This is the leanest part of a cow, and the meat derived from this portion has lesser fat and marbling attached to it. It requires expert artistry to make a single continuous cut, ensuring the versatility of its firm texture to be used in a myriad of cooking methods.

Nutrition fact:

  • For serving of 100 grams:
  • Energy: 511 KJ/ 122 kcal
  • Fat: 4.6grams
  • On which saturated fats: 1.7grams
  • Tran’s fats: 0.06gra,
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Fibre: 0g
  • Protein:  20.2 g


  • it is on the intake of an average adult (8400kj/ 2000kcal)

Gibson’s Products:

-At Gibson’s, we invest heavily in providing you with cuts of meat that are in prime condition.

– we ensure all safety and hygienic measures throughout the process

– We deal in fresh meat only

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